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Your skin matters.
Healthy skin means a happy you.

Here’s Our Theory

It’s not just about looking good, it’s feeling good too! But with so much going on in the beauty space, how does one manage to keep up?

Say hello to Fresh Theory! A local skincare and beauty brand, mindfully created using safe, non-toxic ingredients to help you achieve your best skin yet. We’re committed to helping you begin your skin journey, minus the guesswork. Because healthy skin means a happy you.

When Beauty meets Science

So you’ve decided to start on skincare. Or maybe you’ve decided it’s time to #FreshenYourRoutine. You came to the right place!

Cocktail-mixing is an art. And with the help of experts, we’ve concocted a refreshing recipe for your skin using derma-approved ingredients to get the freshest results.

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Freshies Feedback

100% would love to continue with this. After the first few days, I could really see my pores getting cleaned out. When I wash my face, I can feel that I have less acne around my jaw line and there’s been a reduction in the small bumps around my forehead. Scarring from acne around my neck has lightened.

Sunscreen isn’t hot and sticky.
Mom was looking for a moisturizer. Let her try it. She loves it. Noticeable difference after two days of use, she said.

Formulation of the bar feels stronger than the wash. Some itchiness and stinging for the first 2 days but it went away after. The bar was more effective in clearing up acne around my jaw. It also prevented breakouts when I got my period. Almost like a spot treatment in effectiveness.


skin type: acne prone

skin concern: acne

Raphie A. on hello, glass skin! starter kit

I will definitely recommend these products! Helped lighten dark spots.


skin type: oily

skin concerns: dark spots, oiliness, acne

S Lee on hello, glass skin! facial toner

It’s the only sunblock na okay sa psoriasis ko.


skin type: dry

skin concerns: dryness, redness

Desiree L. on hey, sunshine! sunscreen

Love that there are no scents. The facial toner cleared my skin. I think this one was the game changer. The sunscreen got me using sunscreen routinely which I normally ditch because I always breakout.


skin type: acne prone, combination

skin concerns: acne

A. Amat on hello, glass skin! starter kit

I like that it didn’t sting that much. I like that it didn’t leave my skin dry. My skin was even soft the next day. I also felt like my skin glowed.


skin type: combination

skin concerns: dark spots, dryness

Ceena O. on hello, glass skin! facial toner

LOVE THE SMELL of the soap – so soft and not so strong. 😍 Sunscreen — SO GOOD. 😍 I like the sunscreen lotion the most. It is different from other sunscreens that leaves a sweaty feeling and white-ish color.


skin type: acne prone, oily

skin concerns: acne, dark spots, wrinkles

T.M. on hello, glass skin! cleansing bar and hey, sunshine! sunscreen

skin type: acne prone, oily, skin concerns: acne, dark spots, wrinkles

Cleansing bar really cleared my acne and lightened dark spots on my face. Foam wash is gentle and moisturizing to my sensitive skin. I like that both the cleansing bar and foam wash are mild but act as exfoliants. I started using the facial toner later than the other products but when I used it, I noticed that my skin texture improved and my skin cleared up even more. Toner is really effective. Highly recommend to use the whole set for optimal results. Moisturizer has a mattifying effect on my skin. I can noticeably see the improvement in terms of skin texture. It looks smooth upon application.


skin type: combination-sensitive

skin concerns: acne, dryness, redness

Trish T on hello, glass skin! starter kit

Skin felt smoother and pores felt tighter. There’s an oily feeling after use, but it’s not actually oily to touch. Felt that 2 pumps are not enough to lather since I am used to thicker textures.


skin type: dry

skin concerns: dryness

Kat D. on hello, glass skin! foam wash

I will definitely recommend these products! Dark spots on my skin have lightened and I no longer feel the itchiness and dryness on my face. I felt hydrated and moisturized using both the moisturizer and the cleanser.


skin type: dry and acne prone

skin concerns: dark spots, dryness

R Madrid on hello, glass skin! cleansing bar and moisturizer

I love the facial wash! Sobrang comfy ako dun sa foamy feel niya. Cleans my face without the mahapdi feeling. Ok siya sa lifestyle ko na WFH. Mild but suits me naman.


skin type: oily and rough

skin concerns: dryness, dark spots, oiliness, acne

JL Mahinay. on hello, glass skin! foam wash

It controlled the oiliness of my face and I am no longer acne-prone since I started using the products.


skin type: acne prone, oily

skin concerns: acne, dark spots, oiliness

Neriz T. on hello, glass skin! starter kit

Facial toner feels gentle on the skin. I like the lightweight moisturizer! It’s easy to use and not greasy.


skin type: combination, acne prone

skin concerns: acne

J. Candano on hello, glass skin! facial toner and moisturizer

Overall improvement. Helped with dark spots. My sister’s skin improved! My mom has been bugging me since yesterday. She wants to buy for the daughter of her friend.


skin type: acne prone, sensitive

skin concerns: dryness, acne, dark spots

R. Padin on hello, glass skin! cleansing bar and facial toner

We are Proudly



The Ingredients Library

Glycolic Acid

A gold-standard AHA to brighten dark spots, acne marks, and uneven skin tone. Unlock the secret to a smoother, more refined skin texture with this gentle yet effective exfoliating ingredient.


A skincare superstar renowned for its multiple benefits. This multitasking ingredient controls skin’s oiliness, reduces the appearance of large pores, minimizes redness and irritation, and brightens dark spots.

Hyaluronic Acid

Dull and dry skin no more with this hydration hero ingredient. Watch as fine lines and wrinkles diminish, and your skin becomes more resilient and revitalized. Quench the thirstiest of skin and get a hydration boost with this moisture-locking powerhouse.


Reduce redness, irritation and sensitivity with this up-and-coming ingredient. This potent ingredient boasts exceptional antioxidant properties, helping to combat environmental stressors and promote a more resilient skin barrier.

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