You Need to Add this Ingredient to Your Routine ASAP

Aug 24, 2023 | Skincare

Do you remember how you got into skincare?
What your first skincare product purchase was?
When you first started giving your skin a little more attention?

Here’s another thing to think about: are you aware the concept of skincare has been around since ancient civilizations? Studies have shown ancient Egyptians used readily available and natural ingredients, such as honey and milk in their baths to hydrate, while those from medieval Europe were known to turn to aloe vera and cucumbers to cleanse their skin. It only goes to show how far the skin and beauty industry has come to evolve into the movement as we recognize it today.

Still, in spite of its long history, it wasn’t until the last decade or two when the space really took off – thanks to modern science.

Over the years, the skincare routine has become increasingly complex. The latest technologies have resulted in the discovery and development of ingredients, in steps being added, removed, or combined. From the different hydroxy acids and vitamins to retinoids and peptides, there’s now an ingredient for just about every skin concern and condition.

But with all these options, it’s easy to fall into the trap of choice paralysis. For those who have been meaning to kickstart their routine, or perhaps are looking to overhaul their current one, having zero clue where to start often leads to not starting at all. So what do we do then? How do you identify which ingredients you should keep an eye out for?

Well, it’s important for you to know it’s okay (and completely normal, btw) to feel overwhelmed. One way to approach skincare is by thinking of it as a journey; it’s a new adventure you’re about to embark on, a process of discovering and rediscovering things about you, your skin, and your needs. Keep in mind, though, not to change everything all at once! Should you have not-so-great reactions to a product, this will make identifying the culprit rather difficult.

Start with the basics – a cleanser, a moisturizer, and a sunscreen – and go from there. Now maybe you’ve noticed an ingredient called Beta-Glucan making its round in the beauty circles. Many would argue it’s nothing new, but nobody is questioning its rise in popularity, which begs the question: what’s all the hype about?

To put it simply, beta glucan is THE ultimate powerhouse and, as per dermatologists, is an ingredient you should be incorporating into your routine ASAP.

What is Beta-Glucan anyway?
Beta glucan is a polysaccharide (in English: a kind of complex sugar) found in various natural sources, such as the cell walls of grains, bacteria, and other forms of organisms. It’s an incredibly potent humectant, meaning it helps hydrate your skin and prevents moisture loss. In fact, studies have shown it’s actually 20% more hydrating than hyaluronic acid at the same concentration. Just to be clear, this isn’t us telling you to veer away from hyaluronic acid though! Rather, we’re here to expound on why the number of personal care products using beta-glucan as an ingredient is growing – and we’re here for it.


It’s fantastic for hydration and skin smoothening.
As mentioned earlier, beta glucan is a hydration hero. Beta glucan increases skin hydration by attracting moisture into your skin, helping reduce the appearance of dry, flaky skin. In fact, research done on beta glucan suggests its ability to hydrate the skin contributes to healthier, more plump skin, making wrinkles less noticeable.

It improves the skin’s natural barrier.
Beta glucan helps strengthen the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the skin, by stimulating the production of ceramides. By strengthening this layer, the skin’s natural barrier can function at an optimal level resulting in several benefits. For instance, having a strong and healthy skin barrier helps protect your largest organ (the skin, fyi) from environmental stressors like dirt and pollution, the leading cause of dull skin.

Between you and me, the key to a radiant complexion is heavily influenced by the state of your skin’s natural barrier. The healthier (and more hydrated) it is, the better you look!

It boosts your skin’s immunity.
Beta glucans go as far as protecting your skin from the pollutants and bacteria of the outside world. According to a study published in 2020, this molecule helps balance the skin’s microbiome by stimulating various components of the immune system. Specifically, beta glucan activates immune cells, such as macrophages, which play a significant role in defending the body against infections.

It has anti-aging effects.
Beta glucan possesses antioxidant properties, meaning it can help protect the skin from factors which contribute to premature aging. Oat-derived beta glucan, in fact, works towards minimizing fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating the production of collagen.

It’s anti-inflammatory.
Attention people with sensitive and/or acne-prone skin: rejoice! Beta glucan has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties which help soothe and calm irritated skin. Additionally, they play an important role in treating and preventing allergic reactions triggered by the immune system, making them incredibly effective at soothing symptoms like redness and swelling.

Can I use Beta Glucan?
The feedback of both experts and normies, as well as the research, on beta glucan is incredibly promising! Of course, we aren’t dermatologists ourselves per se, but the overwhelming verdict is that beta glucan is a dream come true for skincare enthusiasts.

We won’t sugarcoat the reality of it – your skincare routine changes over and through time. That’s perfectly fine. Give yourself some space to breathe and reassess, because there will be moments of trial and error. It’s going to be a process of (un)learning your skin’s unique needs and choosing ingredients which will deliver on their promises… and we’ve seen beta glucan has, thus far, delivered! Our current beta-glucan products on repeat: the hello, glass skin! soothing moisturizer and the hey, sunshine! 2-in-1 sunscreen. Formulated with beta-glucan, both hydrates, soothes, and protects our skin in the am and pm.

We find there are three pillars to a successful skincare journey: patience, consistency, and openness. Skincare isn’t about perfection; it’s a story of self-care and exploring the big, beautiful world of beauty, and what it has to offer. Healthy skin means a happy you, freshies!

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